“Self-Funded University” Part 1: How Self-Funded Plans Work – 2 CE Credits (Virtual)

March 29, 2023  |  9:30am – 11:30am  |  Register for Zoom Info

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Learn how self-funded health Insurance plans work with specific cases designed to demonstrate practical application

Course description: This course is designed to provide a general overview of how self-funded Health Insurance Plans work. The instructor will first provide a general overview of the components within a self-funded plan, then dive into how self-funded ASO (Administrative Services Only) and level funded plans work, after which the instructor will show the mechanics behind self-funded plans and how all the components fit together. Lastly, the instructor will provide three real life self-funded case studies to demonstrate practical application.

Self-Funded University Virtual CE Classes are comprised of 3 Parts.

Part 1 CE: How Self-Funded Plans Work: 2 Life/Health/Variable Credits (KS/MO/TX) – register below

Part 2 CE: How to Analyze & Compare Self-Funded Quotes: 2 Life/Health/Variable Credits (KS/MO/TX) – click here for details

Part 3 CE: How to Analyze Self-Funded Claims Data: 2 Life/Health/Variable Credits (KS/MO/TX) – click here for details

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