Legacy Brokers is a Health Insurance General Agency that helps Agents differentiate themselves from the competition. We are a group of friends that recognized a need for an agency dedicated to servicing the independent agents in our community, and their clients. Our friendship is rooted in trust, faith, understanding and confidence. Our company has grown from those roots and continues to build upon the idea that legacies aren’t ours to hold onto, they’re ours to carry on.

Our agents get the most cost effective products in the market custom designed to fit the needs of their clients.

Our number one promise to you is that we have your back every step of the way. Click the video to the right to learn about our other promises to you, the agent.

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Our Values

Serve God

At the root of this, we want our staff and others we work with to base their decisions from where they draw their morals, values and ethics.

Friends First Family Always

We care more about each other than we do about ourselves, but we want everyone to care more about their family than they do about our organization, so we ask everyone to prioritize accordingly.

Right Thing For The Right Reasons

To do the right thing, one must understand everyone’s perspective, equally weigh out the important factors, and then do what is right holistically even if it’s to the detriment to our organization or themselves.

Our Mission

Legacy Brokers helps independent agents build, protect and preserve their books of health insurance business.


Our Vision

To be the catalyst that invokes change in the health insurance industry by promoting alternative funded plans and healthcare strategies that reduce healthcare costs.


Our Team

Director of Business Development
Director of Operations
Account Manager
Sales & Submissions Manager