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Oscar is the first health insurance company built around a full stack technology platform and a relentless focus on serving our members. We started Oscar in 2012 to create the kind of health insurance company we would want for ourselves—one that behaves like a doctor in the family.

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Cigna + Oscar Carrier Update

Jason Powers (01:20):

(silence) Hello, and welcome back to another installment of our Carrier Product Update series, hosted by Legacy Brokers. My name is Jason Powers. And I’m excited today to introduce you to a new Carrier in our market Cigna + Oscar.

Jason Powers (01:33):

For those of you that are not familiar with Legacy Brokers, we are a general agency located here in the Kansas City Market. But we have reach in, I think, 17 or 18 states now. I’m losing count. We’ve got 75 to 80 producers that worked through our general agency. And if you’re one of those in the audience today, we thank you for being a part of the introduction of this new Carrier to our market.

Jason Powers (01:59):

Our mission, really here at Legacy Brokers is to support everything you do as an agent. We want to help you build, protect and preserve your book of business, and be an overall support for anything you do on the health insurance side. If we’ve never met, or if this is the first time you’ve joined us for any of our webinars. I’ve been licensed in the industry since 2000. I got my start in the self-funded side working for a third-party administrator in Overland Park. And really, always focused on self-funded.

Jason Powers (02:32):

I’m excited today because I get to talk about a fully insured product. I don’t usually, get to talk about fully insured group health too much, anyway. I do have some background working on the legislative front with the National Association of Health Underwriters, and a myriad of other activities with four kids at home that keeps me pretty busy, and on my toes.

Jason Powers (02:56):

The process for today, actually, before we jump into that, if I could, but tell me a little bit about yourself. Now, you know a little bit about us and our business model. Josh, my DJ behind the scenes here is going to throw up a poll. Go ahead and launch that for me, Josh. If you can, in that poll, sorry. In that poll. Switched to the first one there. Yeah.

Jason Powers (03:22):

So, in a minute here, you should see on your screen a poll to tell us a little bit about yourself. How would you define your role or responsibility as a licensed insurance agent? You can select as many of those options that apply to you as possible. Are you a PNC agent? Do you operate in the individual side? Medicare, group health, financial advisor? Do you work in an agency as an employee or customer service representative? Do you work for Carrier, et cetera?

Jason Powers (03:54):

So, we got about half of the participants through. Give us another 10 or 15 seconds here. All right. Go ahead in that poll for me Josh and share the results. So, Kaitlyn… I haven’t got to introduce Kaitlyn yet. But Kaitlyn, it looks like we’ve got 78% of our of attendees are in the group health insurance segment, but we do have some folks on the individual and Medicare side.

Jason Powers (04:26):

So, for those of you that may be familiar with Oscar, this should be an exciting introduction to their group product Cigna + Oscar. So, go ahead and stop sharing there, and move on to the next slide.

Jason Powers (04:42):

So, because we’re in a Zoom webinar today, you’ll be in mute, presentation only mode here. If you’ve not been to one of our events in the past, the same way you register for this event will be the way you would register for our future events. We do offer CE classes throughout the year. And in fact, our next CE event is coming up here in a couple of weeks.

Jason Powers (05:04):

It’s the first one to kick off our 2022 season of continuing education. We’re starting off with our basics of group health insurance. If you’ve not attended that class in the past, it’s one not to miss for sure. Be sure to register for that class or any of our upcoming events, anytime on our website at

Jason Powers (05:26):

You are in, listen only mode. What that means? We do want you to participate, though. So, if you go and flip there for me, Josh, if you do have questions that are relative to the content being presented here, we ask you to use the Q&A feature in the Zoom controls. That will be a great spot for us to be looking for questions from you in the audience.

Jason Powers (05:50):

If you have any technical issues with not being able to keep up with the screen, the screen presentation or if you’re having trouble with the audio, drop any technical issues in the chat feature or the chat function in the Zoom controls, and Josh will help you as best he can behind the scenes.

Jason Powers (06:08):

If you want to interject, because we certainly, want you to participate in this conversation, feel free to raise your hand. And we’ll try to catch those as we can and bring you on, and ask your question live with our guests today. With that, after today, if you have any questions, you can certainly email me or call me anytime. That’s my direct line on the screen there.

Jason Powers (06:31):

We certainly, encourage you to also join the conversation on LinkedIn by following Legacy Brokers on LinkedIn. If you like what you see, be sure to leave us a five-star review on Google reviews. It helps with the credibility as we’re talking to new folks out in the industry. And you can also go to our website for additional resources.

Jason Powers (06:53):

In fact, when we’re finished with this presentation, we’re recording it and we will post it to the carrier page for Cigna + Oscar on our website. Without further ado, it is my pleasure. And I am excited because it’s taken eight years for me to be able to introduce a new insurance product to the group market in the Kansas and Missouri market specifically Cigna + Oscar, our guest and co-host today is the National Sales Executive, Kaitlyn Pellicane. So, Kaitlyn, we’ll let you introduce yourself and take over from here.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (07:32):

Thank you so much, Jason. Thanks so much for having us. We’re really excited to be partnering with Legacy Brokerage. And then, we’re excited to be announcing this new product. As many of you might have known, we did launch in Kansas Q4, so 10/1. And then, Missouri 1/1.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (07:47):

So, during the busiest time of year, which was great, because we got to be a great new option for that renewal block in Kansas and Missouri for your small group clients. But I’d love to get the word out to more brokers in Kansas and see how we can help with those Q2, Q3 and Q4 renewals, and just growing together.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (08:04):

So, as Jason mentioned, I’m the National Sales Executive with Cigna + Oscar. So, I’m really here to be a really useful resource and help you guys get educated, trained, quoting and ready to sell.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (08:20):

Moving on. So, if you haven’t heard about Cigna + Oscar, it’s probably because we just launched the small group product back in 10/1 of 2020. So, this is a really new option nationwide. And in just over a year, we’ve already expanded to eight total states.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (08:36):

So, you’ll see here on the left-hand side, all of the states that we’re currently doing business in, and Kansas, Illinois and Missouri, where our most recent growth markets. I’d love to see this product grow even more across the country. We do grow to about a few new states every quarter, and we should be announcing some of our expansion markets in the coming few months. So, I don’t know if you want to say anything about that, Jason.

Jason Powers (08:59):

Yeah. Kaitlyn, I know we’ve got a few folks on from the Texas market. And while Cigna + Oscar is not currently in the Texas market, I do see that as part of the growth model just based on past experience with other products. And I know it’s a booming market for other carriers. So, when that information is available, and the plan designs are selected, and the plans are approved, we’ll certainly pass that on to our friends down in Texas.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (09:24):

Awesome. Thank you so much. So, just to go over what we’re talking about today, we’re going to be introducing Cigna + Oscar, what does that partnership look like? How do you have two carriers coming together to create a new small group option, then we’re going to dive into my favorite part of the presentation, the Cigna + Oscar difference. There’s a lot of ACA players.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (09:45):

So, being a new offering, we have to come into the market with a different value sale. And I think our value and our tools provides so much use to your members. And this is why brokers are really excited to be selling us. And then, we’re going to dive into our member tools, our resources, and our mobile app, followed by our 2022 network product portfolio, and underwriting highlights, broker tools. And then, of course, a Q&A session.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (10:12):

So, introducing Cigna + Oscar. So, I’m sure you’re all very aware of Cigna, it’s a household name, it’s a really popular large group product that really has mainly focused on level funding, 25 and up, those true large groups. They have a great brand reputation nationwide. And they’re known for really large networks. And they’re really easy to do business with.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (10:36):

If you haven’t heard of Oscar yet, we launched back in New York in 2013. And we focused on the individual market. I know, a few people on this call actually, do sell individual. So, you might have heard of us in the past. And we’ve grown year over year, because we have a really strong technology, really easy to use member app, and we’re trying to change how members engage with their health insurance. We want to make sure that people can easily access their carrier information, get more educated on their insurance plans. And that will lead to better health outcomes, and an overall better member experience.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (11:10):

So, Cigna saw our platform, they saw our tools, our member app, and they knew that we were the perfect carrier for them to join partnership with, to launch into the ACA, small group market. They already figured out a really good model with level funding and those larger clients. But they wanted to break into the true small business market. And that’s where Cigna + Oscar comes together.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (11:32):

So, it’s a 50%-50% partnership, co-branded, and we’re in it together. What Cigna is bringing to the relationship is their best-in-class brand, their licensing, and their two great affordable networks. I especially love having that national network, it really makes us feel like a very rich option for your small group clients.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (11:50):

What Oscar brings to the partnership is our best-in-class technology. So, everything is going to be run on our website, using our mobile app, and our customer service tools, features and hires. It’s also going to be run through our people in platform. So, for example, I’m an Oscar health employee. So, everything is run through our sales team.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (12:11):

So, we just like to outline the partnership. So, everybody knows like who to reach out to and how this is going to work. So, what does Cigna + Oscar bring to the market? Meet Cigna + Oscar. What we’re bringing to the Kansas and Missouri markets are two large group networks from Cigna. These are awesome robust networks; LocalPlus is going to be more of our regional network and our most affordable base network. And then, Open Access Plus is going to be a great buyup option that gets you additional hospitals, as well as a national footprint.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (12:39):

So, in the age of working from home and remote work, more and more small group clients need access for employees living out of states, which is why that Open Access Plus network is a great offering. All of our plans include $0 telemedicine, that’s available 24/7, and is really easy to use. A dedicated concierge team for members, which we’ll dive into what that means later. No cost member centric tools, business concierge for employers. And overall, it’s just a great new solution for your small businesses.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (13:11):

I think it’s great to have something new to talk about, it just gives you an excuse to get on the phone, start calling people and letting them know about a new option. So, now, that we’ve been in the market for about a year now, we have a lot of broker testimony to back up why they love selling Cigna + Oscar.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (13:28):

So, I think it’s great to hear from other brokers like, “Hey, not only is this an affordable new solution with strong networks, but this service has been awesome for me to sell.” So, 85% of Cigna +Oscar broker say, “They trust C + O to provide a great health insurance experience to their clients.” And that’s not just enrolling, that’s actual servicing after the sale.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (13:49):

And then, our net promoter score, which is just how satisfied brokers are with our service, is that a 66. In comparison, Comcast is a negative three. And I think the average ACA carrier sits at about negative 19. So, we’re definitely blowing our competition out of the water.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (14:05):

And we’re always investing in our member tools, so that we can get that score higher and higher. Broker relationships are super important to Cigna + Oscar, and our entire sales team. And we’re always going to do what we can to make sure it’s easy for you to sell us.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (14:21):

So, now, that I talked a little bit about the partnership, and something that we’re bringing overall to the market, I want to dive into the actual Cigna + Oscar difference. Like Jason said, we’re the first new ACA carrier in the region to enter in about eight years. So, I know you have your current carriers you’re used to working with. We have to come in, we have to bring something different that provides a unique value to you and your customers.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (14:46):

So, I think the true bread and butter is to just having this mobile app and this member centric tool that makes it easier to do business with. The biggest complaint that brokers hear from their clients is that, it’s really clunky to reach out to the carrier. There’s access and care issues and confusion.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (15:02):

So, a big mission for Cigna + Oscar has always been, we want to keep the member at the center of everything that we do. We want to make sure the member is educated and informed on the networks. They know who to reach out to when there’s access to care issues, how to figure out how the claims are paid, how to view their ID card, all that good stuff. We make that really easy to do in our mobile app.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (15:24):

On our mobile app, members can earn dollars for tracking. So, if you hit your step goal for the day, you earn $1 a day up to $100 per year. They can message or call their care guides, which is a team that’s going to help them navigate the care system. And that’s really easy, it’s a few clicks away, and you get a message back right away.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (15:46):

They can also view their digital ID card at any time, which is great. I know a lot of people lose their physical cards, or they don’t always have them on hand. But pretty much everyone nowadays has their phone on hand. They can also get connected to a doctor 24/7 via our virtual Urgent Care tool, search doctors in our tool and even book appointments. So, just a really easy to use one stop shop to navigate care.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (16:13):

So, diving into that telemedicine benefit, I think the reason people utilize our telemedicine at seven times more than the industry average is just really user-friendly. Even if you’re not like a tech savvy person, it’s super easy to get connected to a doctor 24/7 for a $0 copay within 15 minutes.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (16:33):

So, you’ll see here a nice little screen recording that walks you through it, it really is just four clicks of a button. You click on Request a Call, you put in your information, I’m not feeling well, I have a temperature, I think I have strep throat, you click on your pharmacy, and then you’re ready to go. And in 15 minutes, a doctor calls you. They can diagnose conditions and provide treatment plans, prescribe and order medications.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (16:57):

And they can actually even refill existing prescriptions. Let’s say, if you have an instance where you can’t get into your doctor to get a refill, they can do that over the phone for you. So, really easy to use tool. We all know virtual Urgent Care and other telemedicine benefits are on the rise, just given what’s happened the past two years. But we’ve always been set up to have a really easy to use tool.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (17:21):

And then, my favorite, I think differentiator when it comes to Cigna + Oscar, truly is this concierge care team model. I don’t think you’re going to see anything like this out on the market. And this is what really got our start in health insurance and has proved our value year over year to brokers and their small group employees.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (17:39):

So, as soon as you enroll a group with Cigna + Oscar, your employees will get a dedicated five-person care team. So, that group is only going to be reaching out to the same five people, who will assist with their care and their care plan.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (17:52):

So, you’ll see here on the screen, the model includes four care guides and one registered nurse. Before care guides are there to help with all of the broker pain points that keep you up at night, right? Like, what does this deductible mean? What are an out-of-pocket maximum? How does that matter when I step into a physician’s office?

Kaitlyn Pellicane (18:11):

They’ll also assist with things like, “Hey, I’m at the pharmacy, and there’s a problem.” They’ll help members navigate the networks, figure out if doctors are in our network, book appointments. They’ll sit on the phone with them and go through claims forms with the member. So, they’re really here to help make the brokers job a little bit easier and help take that burden off their shoulders.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (18:32):

And I just think you get so much value from being able to pick up a conversation with the same person or no like, hey, Alyssa, my care nurse, she called me after my virtual Urgent Care visit, to make sure my symptoms were getting better. And she’s going to help me find a specialist that’s going to help me with my symptoms that weren’t alleviated.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (18:50):

So, just having that continuity of care, and the accountability of having the same people working on your issues. I just think overall, that creates a much more seamless servicing experience. And I truly think, that’s why, brokers keep writing us month over month, even when we’re entering new markets because it is a different customer service model than what you’re used to.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (19:11):

So, definitely, I think this is a great selling point. And we have some awesome marketing pieces that I can send over to everyone on the call. So, now, that we kind of talked about our mobile app, all of our tech features and what we’re bringing to the market like that care team, I’m going to dive into the Kansas network implants.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (19:28):

And before I do that, I just want to say like, I know we talked about the mobile app a lot, but you still get those great customer service features by logging into our desktop portal, or by calling our 1-800 number. I certainly, think the apps really easy to use. But not everybody is an app person. You still get that same Cigna + Oscar care when you’re just using your phone or your desktop.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (19:50):

So, for the Kansas networking plans, I think we have a really competitive setup and we’ve done a lot of research to make sure that these plans are going to sell. They’ve grown pretty quickly. So, just to do a quick overview in all of our markets, we have two networks.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (20:07):

So, for Cigna, LocalPlus, that’s going to be our regional network. It’s going to be our most affordable network. I like to say, it’s used commonly as like a base plan, many brokers will pick it, set up like a 50% contribution off of that, so that they can help with their budget. But maybe, they’ll offer a second plan. And that second plan is usually on our Open Access Plus network.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (20:28):

So, Open Access Plus includes all of the hospitals in LocalPlus, but then you get additional important regional hospitals. But more importantly, you get national access. So, this is going to be the plan that any out of state employees are enrolled in, or just anybody who wants a little bit more. And this is a very large network, I’m sure you’re quite familiar with it, because many people have already done business with Cigna.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (20:52):

But as a reminder, there are about one million doctors in the network, and approximately 17,000 plus hospital and clinical facility. So, this is a really expansive network nationwide, and you should be able to find a good fit for many of your small group clients.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (21:10):

So, let’s start with, what does the Kansas LocalPlus network looked like? So, we launched in Kansas 10/1 into rating area one, which that includes four counties. So, Leavenworth, Johnson, Wyandotte, and Miami counties. So, this is going to be your base network, four rating area, one in Kansas. It includes HCA, Children’s Mercy, and select specialty hospitals. So, four hospitals, over 2,000 providers, and nine Urgent Care Centers.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (21:39):

So, while it is a smaller network, we do find it’s a good fit for people who want to save money, they want to be on a budget, but it’s still a great option for families. You and I both know as soon as you write a small group product, the first question is, okay, but are there children’s hospitals in the network? That’s always a deal breaker. So, I think it’s a huge advantage of the fact that we do have Children’s Mercy right here in our most affordable network.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (22:04):

And like I said, that’s not your only option. Both of our networks are still competitively priced in Kansas, and we are winning business across both networks. So, if you need a little bit more, I always offer the Open Access Plus network. So, this includes all of LocalPlus, but then it’s a lot more hospitals in Kansas.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (22:22):

So, you get about 18 more hospitals in Kansas, 13 more Urgent Care Centers, and over 5,000 more providers. Some of the big names that we see people by Open Access Plus for are, St. Luke’s, KU Medical Center, Olathe, and then, of course, the University of Kansas.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (22:39):

So, definitely make sure that you’re comfortable with these two networks. I like to offer both or tell my clients to offer both, but we do see a lot of people just going with OAP as well. And then, of course, you do get…

Jason Powers (22:51):

To add to that Kaitlyn, if I could.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (22:53):


Jason Powers (22:53):

So, with the OAP, no, you’ve got the hospitals that are located in that rating area one, four counties in Kansas, more of the Kansas City Metro, if you will.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (23:03):


Jason Powers (23:04):

But the OAP, the Cigna Open Access Plus network has hospital contracts throughout the state of Kansas.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (23:11):


Jason Powers (23:11):

So, not just those hospitals on the screen, if you’re if you’re watching, really it’s all of the Cigna OAP hospitals across Kansas and across the country.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (23:23):

Yeah, that’s a great point, yeah. So, there’s a whole list of them. You’re going to be able to find access to care in this network, for sure.

Jason Powers (23:31):


Kaitlyn Pellicane (23:33):

And then, just to talk a little bit about more of our network partners, Express Scripts is our national PBM, which is great. Because like I said, you can use that virtual Urgent Care, Teladoc feature 24/7. So, even if you’re on our narrow network, like the LocalPlus, and you don’t have a national network, you can still use virtual Urgent Care when traveling and get a pharmacy prescription nationwide, since this is a national pharmacy.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (23:59):

Our preferred labs are both Quest and LabCorp, which I just think provides more flexibility. And then, all of our plans do include pediatric, dental, and vision up to 19. And that’s through Liberty and Davis. Another cool feature of this partnership since we do have Cigna + Oscar as a co-branded product is, we get access to sickness Behavioral Health Network, which is super robust.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (24:22):

It includes tons of clinicians, facilities, programs, and even includes virtual therapy through Talkspace, which I believe is just $30 a month, you just download the app, and you can have weekly sessions. So, just a great way to bring more affordable therapy to people nationwide. And just more in-person options. I know Behavioral Health is definitely at the forefront, and more employers are asking about it when you meet with them.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (24:49):

So, now, that we talked a little bit about Kansas and the Kansas City Metro, we’re going to talk about Missouri. So, Missouri, we launched 1/1, and what I like to say, both the Kansas City metro and the St. Louis metro. So, it’s going to be 14 total counties that we’re offering plans in.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (25:06):

So, the service area, like I said, is Kansas City and St. Louis metro. You’ll see here Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte, those are our Kansas City counties on the Missouri side, and definitely, really popular. And then, the other 10 are going to be in that St. Louis metro. But LocalPlus is super robust in this area, especially in St. Louis, we see a lot more people buying LocalPlus, just given the hospital reach.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (25:31):

All the major hospitals are in the network. There’s 31 total over 10,000 providers. Big ones are Mercy, Siteman Cancer, Barnes-Jewish is a really popular one. You’ll see that there’s three different children’s hospitals, and then even Siteman Cancer. So, it’s really robust, especially in that St. Louis area, but also in the Kansas City metro too. Lee’s Summit comes up a ton in Kansas City.

Jason Powers (25:57):


Kaitlyn Pellicane (26:00):

And then, again, just like in Kansas, if you’re in Missouri, and you’re looking at Open Access Plus, it does get you additional hospitals like University of Kansas, St. Luke’s. The really big ones on the Missouri side that people buy into is the Liberty Hospital, Truman Medical and SSM.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (26:15):

So, just good to know the differentiators. Like I said, you can offer three plans with us. So, I always tell my groups, “Hey, offer both networks, give people flexibility and choice.” That’s what employees want these days.

Jason Powers (26:29):

Yeah, I think the key there is particularly in the Kansas City metro, if you know KU Med, University of Kansas Hospital isn’t important to a member, there are LocalPlus option provides access to some great hospitals in HCA. But if you’ve got a member that really wants to make sure KU Med is a network, then offer that OAP plan design for sure.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (26:53):

Exactly, I agree. Set a budget for your contribution, give people some spending money. And if they want to buyup, they can. If they don’t need to, they can set a lower budget. So, it’s definitely just great having those two networks to be flexible. And I think it provides a lot of value as the broker to show these different strategies.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (27:13):

So, now, that we talked about the network’s, I’m going to dive into our 2022 product portfolio. So, the cool thing about Kansas and Missouri is they actually, share the same portfolio. So, it’s really easy when you’re quoting or when Jason’s team is quoting for you, even if you do business in both states.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (27:31):

So, we entered the market with 18 total plan designs, and remember, we have two networks. So, when you go to quote, that’s going to look like 36. So, don’t get overwhelmed by that. Basically, it just means you can offer the same plans across both networks. Fourteen of those are PPO, all of these are PPO plans. Before them are actually, HSA compatible.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (27:51):

We’ve seen our silver $3,750 actually being our most popular HSA. It seems pretty in line with the market. And like I said, we allow up to three plans to be selected with no minimum enrollment required. Meaning, we offer ghost plans or even if you only have a two-life group, they can still offer three plans. So, great for startups or groups that just don’t know what hiring is going to look like. In the next year, they might be going remote. We want to keep those options open.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (28:20):

As I mentioned earlier, all of our plans also include a $0 unlimited telemedicine benefit, available 24/7, except on HSAs, but it is a limited copay. And then, we have a really cool thing called a $3 RX list. Basically, it’s a list of over 97 drugs, and I think, 100 variations that are just a $3 copay. And this includes popular medicines like branded insulins, amoxicillin, and blood thinner medication. So, really highly utilized medication.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (28:52):

We actually, did a 2019 study, and 82% of our members did qualify for a $3 prescription within the year. So, just something cool and unique that we’re trying to do that sets us apart from the market and helps with affordability.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (29:08):

So, just another little screenshot overview of what this like portfolio looks like. You’ll see it’s a really silver heavy portfolio and that’s just based on the market needs in Kansas Missouri. You’ll be able to see like, hey, I have… Most of my groups on Carrier A, and these plans fit really well when moving to Cigna + Oscar. It’s a pretty good apples to apples comparison.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (29:30):

And as I mentioned earlier, you can offer three plans. I did a little illustration at the bottom of like an example. So, silver LocalPlus $4,500 as the base, maybe silver $2,750 OAP as a bigger network buyup with a lower deductible. And then, if you really want to have a high-level plan for management or just people who need a little bit more are gold $2,000 OAP is a great plan as well.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (29:55):

And talking more about plans, I know it’s a little overwhelming to talk about a new carrier. All of this new servicing and 18 total new plans. So, I just wanted to give you a little snapshot of what we saw selling the most in Q4 and Q1. So, our top coated plans are definitely, these three. So, the silver $4,500 has been really consistently our best-selling plan, followed by our silver $2,750. And then, our gold, oops, sorry about that, our gold plan, our gold $2,000.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (30:27):

So, the reason that people love it is the value. We are priced very competitively in the market. You have those two networks, even on Open Access Plus, we’re priced well. And then, these deductibles fit really well with our competition. So, it’s really easy to move to Cigna + Oscar, because you don’t have to worry a ton about, “Hey, are these plans going to fit with our currently offering?” You have strong networks, and then you have a pricing advantage. It’s a great blend of first dollar copays, and in co-insurance.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (30:55):

And then, of course, all of our plans do include that $0 telemedicine and $3 preferred RX. Who these plans are best for our clients looking to offer rich benefits at a competitive price point? Clients looking to reduce costs while maintaining rich benefits. And just clients who are looking for a limited disruption when moving to a new carrier.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (31:14):

I think that’s one of the keys to why we’ve been successful, is again, just having a pretty good apples to apples comparison. So, these are our top three quoted plans. But I also just wanted to talk about two that people like to pair together. And that’s our silver $3,750 HSA is by far our most popular HSA. And people love to pair it with our silver $3,500 plan. The reason why is, it’s a little bit less than the HSA. But you get those first dollar RX benefits.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (31:42):

So, let’s say you have a group who mostly wants HSA, but maybe, a few people have some pretty heavy prescription needs or an HSA just would not fit their current situation. That $3,500 is a great pair for that situation.

Jason Powers (31:58):

What was interesting to me when we were looking through the product grids and the proposals, Kaitlyn, was that you could tell that Oscar did their research into the Kansas City and the St. Louis markets, and really took that field research back to product design and came up with plan designs that mimicked the more popular plan designs being sold by your competing carriers in those markets.

Jason Powers (32:24):

Without calling out any particular carrier, when I’m looking at a silver $4,500, it matches up really well with another carrier who sells a plan similar that is pretty popular. Your zero deductible plan options match up really well with another carrier, who has a popular plan design that has a zero deductible. But you’re more competitively priced. And obviously, have more of the value add on the technology side.

Jason Powers (32:51):

So, it was definitely clear that you did the research, you guys have put together products that people want to buy, which makes it really beneficial as an advisor to go out and have products that people are looking for.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (33:06):

I really appreciate that. And I’m glad that it is providing value to the market because you don’t want to launch something that’s just not a good product fit. We want to be easy to work with, have good tack and have a good product fit. So, I’m glad that you as an advisor can also see that as well, it means we’re doing the right work.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (33:24):

So, I know we talked about a lot. We went over the partnership with Cigna + Oscar. The value sells the technology and what sets us apart, then we dove into our networks and our portfolio. So, I just want to talk about how easy it is to work with us as a broker, some of your broker tools, and then your resources as well.

Jason Powers (33:44):

Yeah, and for those that that may already have an appointment with Oscar on the individual side, I think it’s important to point out, that doesn’t mean that you’re appointed on the group side, they are separate contracts and appointments here at Legacy. If you’re already working with us on a regular basis, you know Bob Deihl in our office very well.

Jason Powers (34:08):

Bob can help you get licensed, appointed and contracted to sell group health through Cigna + Oscar. And you’ll still have access to all of the broker portal information that Kaitlyn is going to go through here, which is far different from some of the other carrier relationships that we have. Oftentimes, it’s a little clunky for us to get an agent who’s contracted through Legacy connected on the carrier side.

Jason Powers (34:35):

And one thing that you guys have going for you Kaitlyn is, it’s not clunky at all. It’s really seamless. It’s really easy for our agents to see their book of business in the broker portal through Oscar, and still be appointed through Legacy Broker. So, I’m really excited about this, this next couple slides.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (34:52):

Yes, I definitely recommend leaning on your agency. They’re here to support you and you both get the same level of visibility into the portal. So, if you need to tag team on entering new business or just supporting, pulling ID numbers, it’s pretty seamless. And hopefully, that’s some of the benefit.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (35:08):

I think people love selling Cigna + Oscar not only because the price point, and just the market fit, but it’s a really easy onboarding experience. We try to make it easy for brokers to use our tools. We do a ton of broker outreach to see how we can improve year over year. And I think we’ve gotten it to a really good place.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (35:25):

So, you’ll see here, we have a broker resource website, That’s H-I That’s how I remember it. And there you can find everything you’re going to need for Kansas and Missouri. Our plan and network flyers. You can register for more webinars, download really great marketing pieces, which will help with your outbound calls, or even just sitting with your renewals and explaining this new option.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (35:51):

And then, just tons of broker training guides like, how to quote, how to enroll how to get appointed, which I know, Jason’s team is going to send that out. So, it is really easy to just get educated on this product pretty quickly. The broker portal is where you’re going to do all of your day-to-day management. That’s where you’re going to actually get appointed to sell, quote and enroll clients. That’s where Jason’s team is also going to quote for you because I know that’s a big value that they provide. You can view and download your commission statements, update your personal settings.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (36:21):

So, again, that’s going to be like, you do everything portal. And I just wanted to show a quick little screenshot of what that actually looks like. So, you can do everything from your broker account. It’s really seamless. Your homepage is going to have your name. And then, everything that has to do with group book business is going to be in that little group book tab.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (36:43):

So, this is where you can quote and enroll. You can manage existing policies and add new hires, add new dependents. And then, most importantly, you can print member ID cards here. So, that’s a feature I love. You as the broker, as soon as a group is approved, within usually, a couple of hours, once a group is approved and paid, you can actually pull the ID cards from your broker portal, or Jason’s team will be able to pull them as well.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (37:07):

As we all know, you have those end of the month submissions where they give you the quarterly wage report on the 31st. And everyone has appointments on the 1st, and they’re freaking out trying to get ID cards. Now, with Cigna + Oscar, as soon as it’s approved, or paid, you can pull all of these from your broker portal. And the members can actually, download the app too that same day, and do it themselves. But I know they’re going to ask you for it, anyways.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (37:30):

So, just another example of how onboarding is, just that much easier. It’s eliminating broker headaches as much as we can. So, here’s just a nice little screenshot of what the quoting tool looks like. It’s super easy. I know Jason’s team is going to be doing a lot of that for you. But if you do decide to do it yourself, you just put in the group name, the zip code, effective date, upload a census, and you’re ready to go.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (37:55):

You can pick your plan, put in the different contributions, and it’s great, you’ll get a nice little side by side that shows the composite pricing, and then the age banded pricing below that. So, you do get an option between composite or age banded with these ACA plans.

Jason Powers (38:11):

And I will say that, something that we found in the quoting system is, it is limited to five plan options in the quote. So, we don’t have the ability to quote all 18 plan designs, so that you can see the pricing for all of those side by side, which is why it would be really beneficial to become familiar with the product grid.

Jason Powers (38:34):

On our website, right now, In the Carrier’s tab, under the Cigna + Oscar page, we’ve got the product grids for Kansas and Missouri, as well as some of the network information out there. So, get familiar with that product grid. And when you’re getting a quote from us for Cigna + Oscar, be sure that, if you do have five particular plan designs you’re looking for, let us know what those are, and we’ll customize that proposal to fit your needs.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (39:04):

Yeah, that’s a perfect call. I definitely recommend getting to know that portfolio. And Jason made it really easy on our website. We did recently, update our coding tools. So, the nice PDF one that you see now, still can only quote five plans. But you can actually, quote all 18 on an Excel spreadsheet. It just doesn’t look quite as nice as this. This one’s a little more customer-friendly, but you do have that option just to look at pricing.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (39:28):

And then, just some quick things that I want to shout out about with our seamless and easy enrolling because I do think that’s a big selling point for brokers having this new option. So, the average approval time for our groups is 24 hours. We’re actually contracted with Cigna to make sure that we give feedback on groups within 48 hours. So, it’s really great. It makes sure the process is pretty seamless.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (39:50):

Digital employee enrollment forms are available, and then digital ID cards are available. Like I said, add approval and it’s usually, within a few hours. So, definitely quick turnaround time. A little bit of a delay going to the next one. Sorry about that. Zoom…

Jason Powers (40:10):

We don’t have Cigna + Oscar technology here at Legacy Brokers. We’re trying.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (40:12):

Right. So, help is on the way. I know we’re a new carrier. So, you want to know that you have a lot of support. And broker support is really important to us. I’m always a phone call away. I know, Jason is a phone call away. We have all these other support lines as well.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (40:28):

So, there’s a broker support team and a phone number, business team for the like HR person or the BA clients. There’s a provider search link, member care, 800 number, commissions, quoting, and getting appointed. So, anything that you’re going to need help for, we’re here to provide assistance. But I know Jason’s going to help with a lot of that too, if you work with him.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (40:52):

And then, just to do a quick recap, because I know we talked about a lot today. So, we’re a new ACA carrier. We’re providing really competitive plans that are a great market fit with really easy to use and navigate networks. So, all of our plans include $0 virtual Urgent Care, and that free five-person customer care team that just provides additional benefits to employees. We offer two networks, LocalPlus being our regional network, and National Open Access Plus.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (41:19):

So, great way to set a budget, figure out what clients actually need without having to compromise on a Quality Network, and then a better experience. So, take advantage of our best-in-class broker tools, our easy to navigate system. And just direct phone numbers. I know there’s some carriers where you’re not going to get somebody’s cell phone number, but I’m about to share mine.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (41:40):

So, definitely take a screenshot of this page. You have my direct email address, as well as my direct cell. And if I ever can’t answer, you also have an account consultant who’s assigned to the Kansas and Missouri region. His name is Grant Mailo. And he is awesome. He’s here to help a lot with like, questions on getting appointed, and then a lot of the post-sale stuff as well. We don’t want to just help you with quoting and getting enrolled. We want to support the business.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (42:06):

So, he’ll actually send a welcome letter to every group you write, the day the policy starts. He’ll also reach out at 30 days post-sale, 60 and 90, just to ask like, “Hey, how was billing going? Are there any billing concerns? Do you know how to use the care team? Do you know how to use the app? Do you need me to do a demo on how to use your BA portal as an owner or billing contact?” So, we really want to make sure at Cigna + Oscar, you feel supported when moving this business.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (42:36):

So, I hope you reach out and take advantage of this. Definitely, take a screenshot of this page. And I think, I’ll pass it back over to Jason to open up some questions.

Jason Powers (42:46):

Yeah. And even after today, if you’ve got questions about the Cigna + Oscar products, or anything that we offer here at Legacy Brokers, you can always reach me directly as well. Again, we encourage you to join the conversation on LinkedIn by following Legacy Brokers. Give us a five-star review on Google reviews. And you can find a copy of this presentation in video format on our page under the carrier’s tab, under the Cigna + Oscar page.

Jason Powers (43:17):

We’ll have multiple resources available to help you sell Cigna + Oscar. We’ve got a couple of questions that came in here, Kaitlyn. One of them was, what is the minimum number of employees needed to offer the dual option? I think, you mentioned we can offer ghost plans, right? We don’t have to have anybody enrolled offer those plans where we can offer three, is that right?

Kaitlyn Pellicane (43:39):

Exactly. So, you can offer three. We allow for both plans, so you can leave plans open. And I always say, I mean, the smallest group can offer three plans. We will write down to one life as long as it’s, of course, a compliant group. So, one W2 enrolling, who’s not an owner or not a spouse. So, really groups of any size can offer dual options.

Jason Powers (44:00):

Got it. And then, another question came in was, can we get a copy of the PowerPoint? The video will be posted out on the page. So, you’re welcome to share that, share the presentations, share the video, after today.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (44:15):

Yeah, I was…

Jason Powers (44:17):

Oh, good ahead.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (44:17):

I looked at your carrier page. And pretty much like, every marketing piece, you’re going to need plan grids. Jason’s team at Legacy Brokers has already posted that there. So, a lot of good resources are going to be there.

Jason Powers (44:29):

Yeah. All right. I don’t see any other questions in the Q&A or the chat. We do have one quick question for everyone out there. Josh, if you could launch that second poll for us. For our purposes, this really just helps us know, do you want more information after today? Obviously, in the format that we’re in. We don’t know, other than a Q&A, we don’t really have a lot of feedback.

Jason Powers (44:56):

So, let us know how we can contact you today, or connect, I guess after today, if you want to learn more about how to incorporate these products or other products into your portfolio or contact you about future carrier updates, maybe you want to learn more about our services as a general agency, or for the love of all that’s good in the world, don’t contact me if that’s if that’s, just here for the information. We certainly, appreciate you being a part of it.

Jason Powers (45:27):

Kaitlyn, mentioned before we got going in the pre-show, we really are excited about the opportunities with Cigna + Oscar. We actually, as an agency for our employee benefit program moved our health insurance over to Cigna + Oscar January 1st. And I got to give a call out to… This is the first time I’ve ever got a post like, an actual greeting card from an insurance company. And when I opened it up, it was my ID cards.

Jason Powers (45:58):

My ID card, and then a packet of extra ID cards for my kids. And I’ll say that the comment that was floating around here in our office was, “Well, that’s really cute.” So, it was a welcome, cheerful kind of thing to get in the mail that normally, insurance is so cold and not that… You don’t feel real connected.

Jason Powers (46:19):

I will say the app is fantastic. It is not clunky. You have a lot of a lot of resources available for members and for brokers inside the Oscar, the Cigna + Oscar portal. And we’re just excited to have you in the market.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (46:37):

I really appreciate that. And I love that you showed off our little welcome kit. We try to be from day one, really engaging and try to get members feeling warm and cozy. So, I definitely appreciate that. And I’m glad you found the app really user-friendly.

Jason Powers (46:51):

Definitely. Any other questions from the participants on the webinar? I don’t see anything out there.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (46:58):

I know we had one come in. Somebody asked, if the St. Luke’s KC network included their rural facilities, which is a really important question. And, yes, all of the St. Luke’s offices are included in that Open Access Plus network. So, definitely, a great option.

Jason Powers (47:14):

Absolutely. Perfect. And again, if you’ve got questions you think of later, feel free to reach out and we will sort those out with you. Thank you for being here and participating in the Carrier Product Update Series. Kaitlyn, we appreciate your partnership.

Jason Powers (47:33):

For the attendees on the call, thank you for being a part of it. If you’re watching this on the recorded version, and this is maybe, the first time you’ve seen one of our Carrier Product Updates, tune in for our next series. That’s coming up in March. That’ll be the next installment. And we’ll see you next time.

Kaitlyn Pellicane (47:51):


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