“With Legacy Brokers, I receive assistance with marketing, underwriting, business development, sales strategy and they assist in servicing my clients. It’s important to me, as an independent broker, that I have their support so I can continue the relationships with my clients.”

Teresa Zeller
Affiliate Agent, TZeller Group

“Legacy Brokers is an invaluable resource to me. They help me find and compare all health plan options available for my clients.”

Marcus Headshot
Marcus Hood
Independent Advisor

“After surveying the market for a broker business partner that could guide me through some of the technical aspects of benefits planning, I engaged the Legacy Brokers Team. They assisted me in delivering the creative innovations needed, enabling my clients to reduce their health insurance premiums by an average of over 30%.”

Tom Headshot
Tom O’Connor, CBC, ACBC, CEBP, NAHU Self-Funded Certified
President, Wellstone Benefit Advisors

“Legacy’s self-funded expertise gives me instant credibility with my clients and their service is second to none.”

TJ Headshot
TJ Rose
Independent Agent